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For the fishmeal production , fish oil and crude oil for direct human consumption, Pesquera Exalmar has five plants strategically located along the Peruvian coast that processes a total of 424 MT per hour of raw material for fishmeal and fish oil production and one Plant located in Paita;that is in the process of installing a residual fishmeal processing plant.

For the Direct Human Consumption the plant in Paita has a processing capacity of 108 MT per day, and a storage capacity of 1000 MT while the new Plant of Tambo de Mora will have an expected processing capacity of more than 575 MT per day and storage capacity of 6000 MT.

Main investment projects for the company are related to environmental care and protection, and the change to Steam dry technology in Huacho Fishmeal Plant and for Direct Human Consumption the plant of Tambo de Mora as well of implementing 3 vessels with RSW among normal mainteinance investments.



       See flow chart of fishmeal and fish oil production process


    Plant Paita

    Geographic Location:
    Tierra Colorada avenue S/N Z.I. Playa Tierra Colorada (Tierra Colorada Z.I. III-SEC.), District of Paita, Province of Paita, Department of Piura, Peru.

    Phone (+511)-441-4420

    See Google Maps

    Installation of our Freezing Plant with 100TM/day. Fishmeal Waste plant (instalation process)



    Plant Chicama

    Geographic Location:
    Malabrigo Port sub Lot Mza. C Lote Z.I., District of Razuri, Province of Ascope, Department of La Libertad, Peru. 

    Phone (+51)44-576055 / (+51)44-576069 / (+51)44-576329

    See Google Maps

    With 100MT/Hour (tons per hour) 100% Steam Dried capacity.



    Plant Chimbote

    Geographic Location: 
    Brea y Pariñas avenue Km. 1 Mz.C Z.I. Urb. Gran Trapecio Segunda Etapa, District of Chimbote, Province of Santa, Department of Ancash, Peru.

    Phone (+51)43-350757 / (+51)43-352338

    See Google Maps

    With 90MT/Hour (tons per hour) 100% Steam Dried capacity.



    Plant Huacho

    Geographic Location: 
    Industrial Avenue No. 690 Z.I. Caleta de Carquin, District of Carquin, Province of Huaura, Department of Lima, Peru.

    Phone (+511)-232-2421

    See Google Maps

    With 84MT/Hour (tons per hour) Flame Dried capacity, in conversion process to steal dry



    Plant Callao

    Geographic Location:
    2576 Prolongacion Centenario avenue Z.I., Callao Province, Departament of Lima, Peru.

    Phone (+511)-577-5110 / (+511)-577-5115 / (+511)-577-5116

    Ver Google Maps

    Fishmeal and Fish Oil plant with 50MT/hour, 100% Steam Dried.


    Tambo de Mora

    Plant Tambo de Mora

    Geographic Location:
    Los Delfines alley No. 104 Z.I. Tambo de Mora (Km.201 Panamericana Sur), District of Tambo de Mora, Province of Chincha, Department of Ica, Peru. 

    Phone (+51)56-273332 / (+51) 56-273149

    See Google Maps

    With 100MT/Hour (tons per hour) 100% Steam Dried capacity.